Beach bag essentials

1 - Bag - obviously you need a bag to put everything in :3 "The bigger the better" specially for long beach days. This one is from BLACK and costs 27£ 

2 - Brush or a comb - It is always important to brush your hair when you get out of the water to avoid tangles and broke hair. This one is a pink tangle teezer and costs 10$

3. A book - There's nothing like tanning while you are reading a book. A good story can really help the time pass by while you get an awesome tan. This book is from John Green and it's called "Looking for Alaska" and I totally advise to everyone!! 

4. Sunscreen - It is really important to protect your skin from all the UV lights. And you won't get a prettier tan for not using sunscreen, you only get a sunburn ~ and that's not pretty at all! This one is Crafted in the USA from all-natural organic ingredients, it has SPF 30 broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection, plus a healthy dose of vitamins and natural oils to moisturize and vitalize skin. It costs 24€ and you can buy it at J.Crew.

5. Hair protection - Taking care of your hair is as important as taking care of your skin. So protect your hair and then use this After Sun Hair & Body it removes all traces of sand, salt and chlorine. Can be used daily without making skin dry due to the content of olive oil derivatives. You can buy this for 27€ from Nelly.

6. Music - Music always helps setting the mood ! You can check my June's Jam to get some inspiration! This is a pink ipod shuffle.

7. Sunglasses - I know it may seem like loads of protection but trust me it is better to be protected than to spent the rest of the summer locked in because your burned something. And besides sunglasses always looked cool!! This ones ~ that I'm sort of really in love with are from Shwood Original Line Belmont Sunglasses in Dark Walnut Grey Polarised and cost 200€. You can buy them here.

8. Beach towel - For last but not least we all need a towel. This very cute one is from Serena & Lily, Fouta Beach Towel in the shade– Aqua and costs 35€

And you are ready to go and enjoy your day at the beach :) Just grab your snack and enjoy ! 




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