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Okay so you may think this is weird for a girl of my age but I sort of really like to read... right now I have about 50 books ( as you can see in the picture bellow) on my bedroom floor waiting to be read.

My mom sort of mocks me for having such a big amount of books to read while she doesn't see me read, the reason why I haven't been reading is simply because of school - it takes all my time away!! and I loove to read, I really do.

The majority of books I have are in Portuguese, because of a deal that I made with my father in the begging of the year ~I would read a book that he had advised me and he would buy me a new one ~ but right now I'm reading The second book of "the hunger games" series in english.
I decided to read the second one in english because I literally "ate" the first book so I've decided to buy the entire series in english and I'm really loving it.

But the reason why I like to read so much is because we live, or at least I do, in a stressful world and we're always non-stop with our school's work, and helping at home and all those things that it can come to the point that I'll go "semi-automatic" and that's no good! So I read! I sit open my book, poor a glass of whatever, have a bunch of crackers near me eat, drink and read and it feels so good, to just take somebody else's shoes and go on their adventure. When I read I just fly away from this stressful reality and it feels good.

And just a quick note for everyone that doesn't understand books or why do other people like to read, try it! Don't chose a good book, chose a great adventure, give your entire self to that adventure and live it like there was nothing else.




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