Bucked list

I'm 18 and I feel like I've been losing track of time, and track of life. I don't think I ever had made a "bucket list" which is sort of [weird right?] but for my first post I've decided to write down the things that most popped in my mind. They'r not organized by any particular order just by the order that was in my mind, some of them I've already accomplish, which is amazing ~obviously~ and others may seem a little way to cliché but honestly this is what I want.

  1. Finnish college
  2. Visit every single country in the world
  3. Sky dive 
  4. Ride in a hot air ballon
  5. Bond fire on the beach
  6. Have a place of my own
  7. Work for Vogue and/or Another Magazine
  8. Get married
  9. Have kids
  10. Know o "A" is
  11. Make a marathon of "Harry Potter"'s films
  12. Lose my fear of dogs
  13. Stay a month in N.Y 
  14. Take a few months to make volunteer work

It's amazing the things I want to do but never did.... 
And btw to lose my fear of dogs I had a dog as a pet ... And now I can't get enough of my dog we're always together and she is so so sweet. 

What's your bucket list?




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