Reading: "Catching Fire"

As I wrote in "Book geek" post I love to read and to embrace different adventures. So I thought I could share with you what I'm reading right now.

 The books title is "Catching Fire", and yes I know I'm late to the party but in my defense I wanted to see the movie first. But for everyone that doesn't know "Catching Fire" is the second book of the book series "Hunger Games".

The story turns around Katniss Everdeen, a.k.a the girl on fire, a young girl that lives in the 12th district of Panem, a hyper-controlled country, that since the revolution has a ceremony called "the hunger games" where every district offers 2 tributes and those tributes need to go to the Capitol and fight for their lives, only one survives. This games are the way of the Capitol showing who really rules the country.

SPOILER ALERT - 1st part

On the first book/film Katniss younger sister, Prim, is picked to go on the games, and so Katniss volunteers her self to go instead of her sister, with loads of [unnecessary] love she not only wins the games as she wins with  Peeta ~the lover bird. This winning shakes up the Capitol, mostly President Snow since the rest of the capitol is under the spell of the teen couple love.

First movie [ and book ] trailer:

2nd Part

In this book the drama continues Specially from the capitols part, the think Katniss is a threat to their very "secure" system and they want to take her down. They put her on the games again, and I'm not gonna say anything else ~way to many spoilers ;p ~

Second movie [ and book ] trailer:

This books are really good and fast reading, the details are amazing and everything in it is perfect! All the story can be pulled out of the imaginary world and putted in the real world, the topics approached like the bigs rule the small ones and we are in a social chain. 

I recommend this book(s) 100% you'll love it I'm sure, and no worries the love story is not the main plot.




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