Review : Detangling Spray - Avon's "Naturals hair care" collection

Hello everyone,

So when the subject is hair the answer is: hard work. We all know that it gives loads and loads of work specially if you have big one like my self, that takes hours and hours to un-tangle it. I remember being a kid and my mom sat me down and untangled my hair for hours and instantly braid it so it wouldn't tangle back again ~yes I know I've got a tough one.

So about a year ago Vogue magazine had this gift on it that was a tangle free spray it was amazing! I had never used anything like that in my life and it was over in less than a month, the problem with that product was that was hairstylists only ~ meaning by that only hairstylists could sell it and the prices were way high ~ so I've started to search all kinds of products and brands ~ from supermarkets to beauty shops to catalog sellers. And I never found any that could do the same thing or was the same thing.

But about 2 weeks ago my mom ordered a "strand strength - detangling spray" from Avon's "Naturals hair care" collection and no it is not the same thing, the other one was like "water" spray and this one is "cream" spray. But it is so G-O-O-D it really works for my [ extremely ] long hair and it smells delicious. I just put my freshly washed hair [wet hair]  in on side and spray it all and then pull to the other side and spray it. Part the hair in two and then brush it. And because of the fact that is creamy and oily it shorts the untangling time so so much!




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