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Candid of Bella Thorne ~ clothe found by StealherStyle
So besides all the inspiration i get from books, magazines, fashion shows, internet and nature, I also find inspiration in celebrities - in fact they are the inspiration of trends ... and i like to keep an eye on trends.

Celebrities can be such a good inspiration, you don't need to dress exactly like them ~ especially when they dress way extravagant or "stage" clothe ~  but you can see their style, the brands, the pieces of clothe like Bella Thorne for exemple rocking a back pack with sneakers and a crop top. This is such a comfortable look and wearable. And you can take inspiration from here and make your own personal look.

And you can turn it in to a edgier look with some black ripped jeans, a black back pack and loads of rings, a more classic with a cute crop that as a "waterfall" effect, or a more fun/skater look with a fun print and bright colors.

Instagram of Hayley ~ Clothe found by StealherStyle
Hayley Williams has been one of my inspirations through the years ~ Paramore's music is my favourite since I can remember ~ her looks, hair, voice and thoughts are always in my head. And let's be honest she totally rocks the tomboy look, with oversized shorts and jeans pared with crop tops or baggy jumpers, she's always in her best self and definitely comfortable.

And the best part is that her looks are easy to get! Even with those old clothe you got at the end of your closet you can get this look just need a little bit of imagination and BAM! the look is yours. Just keep in mind you can look fun, cute and comfortable ~ never wear anything that you don't feel comfortable in.

Lorde in RIRLisboa'14 ~ clothe found by StealherStyle

Lorde sort of goes in the same lines has Hayley in fashion. Comfortable and cute! When I was watching "Rock in Rio" Lisboa edition this year and she walked on stage with the most cute overall ever! ~ I've a thing for overalls ~ I spent days trying to find where was it from. And then Steal her style saved my life once a again. But it costs 200$ and thats way to expensive for my wallet. So I guess I'll find a solution...

Then there's the person from who I take more inspiration ~  and this may seem a little weird ~  I really like her. She is the most sweet person ever. I feel like she does every thing with honesty and from her heart and because she really wants ~ yes I'm talking about Selena Gomez. I find so much inspiration from her and not just on style or fashion but in her inner beauty as well.

Candid of Selena ~ clothe found by steal her style

Instagram of Selena ~ Clothe found by StealherStyle
Instagram of Selena ~ Clothe found by StealherStyle
Instagram of Selena ~ Clothe found by StealherStyle

I love how she rocks the classic to the edgier to the boho to casual. She always looks super comfortable in her own skin and always looks like the is having the best time. She mostly wears her natural curls that totally give her a natural/casual look. And then her style is just so so cute, and at the same time sexy and that's why I love her so much. Is because she can mix and match and still look gorgeous.

To keep a closer eye on their closets I look into several celebrities update websites - were basically fans stalk their idols - while i stalk their closets - celebrities websites like their personal Instagram, twitter or facebook and websites like steal her style where they post several daily outfits of celebrities.

So remember don't literally steal somebody's style because they will always look better in it than you but find inspiration on your favorite things and/or people and you'll see it can help you improve your style so so much.




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