Summer bucket list

Okay so a few days ago I made a life bucket list but since summer is here I've decided to make one just for summer with all the things I want to do and try this summer, especially since on the fall I'm gonna move so that means I need to say goodbye to loads of people.

So the 1st thing on my summer bucket list is:
1. Beach time: 
This year I want to go to the beach as much as possible, feel the sand and ear the ocean!

2. Go on an adventure: 
I don't know why but this year I feel like discovering something new or a new place; find new people and new stories.

3. Try something new:
This summer I want to try new flavors, go to new restaurants, try te spiciest of foods or the sweetest.

4. Take fashion risks:
This summer I want to define (more) my style, I want to have a STYLE, I want to be those persons that you look at and you say "hmm that girl has a cute prep style" (prep is just an exemple). I want to also wear things that define my style but I've never got the guts to wear.

5. Improve my blog:
This one may seem a little weird, specially because my blog is really new ~ it's a baby ~ but I want to improve it. Have more followers, better content, post my style and outfits. Make this one really count. 




  1. I need to take more fashion risks, I have been doing it more recently but not enough!

    1. I guess we'll just take risks together !


  2. I need to make a bucket list.
    I'm new too so i'd definitely put improving mine down as well.
    The beach idea sounds good to me too!

    1. I advise you to make a bucket list is so good to set goals and it helps you to do those things !
      And beach is always a good idea xD



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