The fault in our stars - movie review

Okay so yes I do know it is a crime to go see this movie without reading the book, but I just couldn't wait any longer and I really wanted to see John's work on the big screen.

The thing with John Green is that he can still surprise you even if you already know the surprise, I knew the end, and I knew it would happen but that didn't stop the tears from rushing down my face slowly like the in the movie, it was an harmony.

I always loved his worked and ever since I read "Looking for Alaska" I knew I loved him but I think the movie was to much Hollywood. Let me try to explain, when I see movies like "Wolverine" or "Captain America"I want to see visual effects, polish and muscled people, I want to see perfection. But when I go to the movies to see something deep, something "John Green" I don't want to see perfection because non of his characters are perfection in fact they are the damn opposite. They are broke, and have thoughts about broke people and broke things. So I want to see that! A broke image as well of broke people in their broke life. So something more in the indie style.

But everything else was great, I don't really like the lead actress but I actually thought she did a great job and there are amazing breath taking scenes where you feel their pain and feel that rush to go rescue them, but you can't. And that's just mother fucking John Green.

Awesome in the flaws.

But I really like the movie you literally laugh and in the next second you cry, I think he is trying to makes all bipolar [just saying], and you don't need the book to understand you just need to be old enough - and not on your I.D. but in your heart and mind.

And no if you excuse me I'm gonna read the book, and cry a little more...

Have a great movie



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