The life saver

The life saver, a.k.a "Teen Vogue Handbook" is a book that reunites what every future fashion worker needs, it was offered to me by one of my all time best-friends as a birthday gift and I couldn't be more thankful for it. In the time of 2 days I read and re-read the all thing, all the advises, all the tips and insides.

The book is exactly what it says it is ! It's a help for people interested in "working on the fashion world", and it asks several questions directly to the reader like "are you sure this is what you want", because lets be honest here, if you know the little of the fashion business, you know its a savage world "no rules, no laws". I have found so many good tips here, and things that I would never think were that way.

The best part about this book is that the book it self has the stories and states of "fashion workers", their daily basics, and routines, ~people that we all know the name but we really don't know how much they work and how hard, the book really brings everyone down to earth and shows that fashion world isn't as easy as it is showed on TV.

It gives you the right answers for the right questions. In my case I want to be a Fashion Promoter - work in the communication and promotion part, basically be on the inside. So I looked more in to the editor part, what should I have prepared, what should I know, etc.

 But the book tells you about every job and part of the fashion business, what you should expect, how you should prepare your self, and all those things that if you are my age ~ or someone that os deciding what to do with life ~ may found it very helpful. And has this "kits" like the one bellow telling you what you "should" have and how to break in to industry.

So basically if you are thinking about having a career in the fashion world I totally advise you to read this book. But don't let your self down if you think that the book says you are not capable of doing it because if this is really what you want there's no way to prove anyone wrong as fighting for it.

I believe that for as long as your feet are on the ground and your head in the clouds you can do anything.

Good luck



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