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Okay so I've been wanting to this TAG for quite sometime but I just never got the chance ... So today I took a few screen shots and I'm gonna tell you what they are.

So first things first my phone is an iphone 4 and I think it's memory is of 8GB, but with all of the software updates it gets less and less memory.

So this is how my phone looks like when it is blocked, and yes my battery was dying, the picture I took from tumblr when I was having a really crapy day and all the sudden the internet Gods send it to me.

And this is how it looks when it is unblocked, I only have one page, it is so much easier this way! I have the original down bar because it really doesn't bother me. And then I have my apps in folders which names are emojis - for the ones who may not know emoji is an app that once you downloaded you create a keyboard with it. The first 3 apps and the 4 down are from app store and all came with the phone.

This is one of the folders. This one has a really cute gosht and I putted in this photography folder because most of the pictures I take I make that face. The first, 3rd and 5th app are from apple and came once again with the phone, the first one is were you can see you pictures, the 3rd one is the camera and the 5th one is where you can see videos that you downloaded. The second [Fotor] app I also downloaded from app store, and by the way all my apps are free, and it's for editing pictures, or take them, you can mix pictures together, change the lightens and contrast, and put filters on it. The Studio app does almost the same thing except that the filters are not as good and you can play a little bit more with the pictures, by changing its size and putting some cute quotes and stuff like that. The last one is obviously to take pictures like you were wearing a fish eye camera you can also add some filters and edit one of your pictures.

The next folder is the game one with that little guy over there. The only app that came with the phone was the Game Center that basically is a app that if a certain game(s) are connected to that app you can multiplay and score some points and challenge friends. The first game Boost 2 was the first game I putted on this phone and it is amazing! I totally recommend, I'm gonna put the links because other wise it will be very difficult to explain the games. Then we have Candy crush which they should take the life thing! Then EndlessDuo, Dumb Ways to die and 2048. P.s. ALL of this are very addictive! 

Okay so this is the social life folder, where I have all of the internet accounts apps. I believe we all know every single one of them so I'm going to skip until the Hunt, the hunt is basically if you want to search or know where someone got something you take a snap put it on the hunt and Bam! the community tells you the answer. And bleach is an app where you can edit some photos and buy bleach london's products.

Okay this two are the boring part basically every app that you can't delete and is important but you wish wasn't taking away your space.

And finally my geek folder. This one is a folder where I have my star related apps, where I can see where are the stars and planets, and all of those cool stuff. And the first one is just to put the countries where you had been and it tells you how much of the world have you seen.

And that's it! And sorry guys I haven't post anything in the past few days is just that I'm still with my finals and all that stress.




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