Why this time

Hi :3

So I have a confession... this is not my first blog.

Ever since I was 14 years old I've been trying to have a blog but it always came to the point where I didn't have enough confidence in my self to keep going, not enough time, or I simply stop identifying my self with the blog ~ which is normal since I was growing up and there doubts about "who I was", and I still have sometimes so imagine back then... .

And so now that I've been accepted in college and I'm sort of on holidays I've decided to star over challenge my self, and push a little harder on who I am and do what I like.

So why do I think this time it will work? Because I think I sort of know what/who I am, know and what I want to do and besides I never felt so excited about something like I am now !!

not my picture

Wish me good luck



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