ABC of beauty: Lesson 1

ABC of beauty #1 - everyday makeup

ABC of beauty #1 - everyday makeup by aniloracfilipe featuring a spf foundation

This is an everyday look, easy and fast but will make an impression. 

Step 1: You can start by applying any type of face cream, or/and primmer - this will make your makeup last longer while treating your face. Then you can start to apply the foundation - for this use a brush or a sponge in my opinion brushes are better because they don't "eat" your foundation. Work on that, you don't wanna look like your face belongs to someone else. After applying it to your face make sure you don't have a line separating your head from your neck. 

Step 2: This is the hardest one to explain. You can use a nude palette or any other palette that you want, you only have to make sure that you have a super light color ( example: white, grey, super light blue or pink), a medium color (example: light brown, normal pink or blue, smokey black) and a darker color (example: brown, black, purple). You start by applying the lighter shade on the inner corner of your eye, underneath it and from the inner corner you put a little bit on your eye lid. [for this use a smaller and thicker brush] Then you can apply the medium color on your eye lid like you usually do. [for this use a fluffier brush] After this you wanna open your eye and right beneath your eye bone you're gonna start "marking" your eyes with the darker color [for this you wanna use a brush like the one I put up there, small, thick, round]. And now with the fluffier brush you just blend it all. 

Step 3: This step is for pros [jk] you can now make your usual eyeliner, it can be a cat-eye or a simple lash line (it's really up to you). Curl your lashes and apply mascara. The thicker the line the more impact it makes!

Step 4: for last and not least you can apply some nude/pinky color to your lip, a a blusher. 

Notes: Heavier eyes = lighter lips (and the same way around)
The higher you put your blush the more innocent you look - attention do not make a super dramatic eyes with a super innocent cheeks!

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