Finals stress

Hi guys!
First of all I'm so so sorry that I've been offline, and I'm going to try to explain why in the best possible way, and maybe you will feel the same way or just understand how I felt and why I have been offline, because I really wanted to write and post, you guys have no idea, but my life as been such a mess, such a fucked up mess!

Okay so for the past month my life was a mess, there were the final exams and me getting sick, and the entire college pressure!! It was basically way to much for me to handle! It was such a pressure! I mean I had to get  a super high grade in every single exam and had to finish my final project and every thing had o be P-E-R-F-E-C-T and that's just way to much pressure for a 18-year-old. 

The worst thing was that during the entire time I spent on studying, i lost on staying with people that matter to me and lost great sunny days or just relaxing at home, you know? Like just drinking a cooled drink and eat some good snacks, watch some good movie, or something like that. And instead of that, instead of relaxing from an entire stress year I had to study more, memorize more and more things to take one exam that will define "how good am i?" and "which college is more accurate for my intelligence level tested in one exam", which I'm totally against because I don't thing that's the best way to define the value of a student and the pressure ruins everything! 

And then you go to this room where they put the "future" of your life and you have to answer and preform your best, but you never know how good you are or how bad.... And I feel like it is so frustrating. 

And maybe this post is just to boring or you don't care at all but I wanted to tell you my experience and I also wanted to tell you that what I've talked to until know is what happens in my school system and this is what has happen with me, but it doesn't need to be like that. 

The thing is the world is bigger than you see and there are loads of opportunities for everyone. I only took this exams for a simple reason: "Just in case". Why? Because I didn't want to ruin my opportunity so I took them. But the truth is I didn't need them, I didn't and don't need them at all. How? Well I found something for me! A different system that really like my work. My area right now is "Arts", and if you draw you know that some days it goes better than other days, and I don't get it how some writing exams and a 3 hour drawing exam can say how good designer or plastic artist I am. And because of that I found a different system "my" system, I went online found a course that I thing is for me (fashion promotion and communication), found that to go to the college I wanted I would only need to show them my portfolio so they could see my work, and make and interview so they could see how much I want that and if my personality fits in the course, that in my opinion is a much fair system. And I applied and I was in. 

So what I'm trying to say in this very long post is that if you don't thing college is the right solution or if you're not happy with your choices, change them because even if you take a gap year, start to work as soon as you finish college, go to a different country, or go to the college that you always dreamed of, at the end of the day what really matters is that you are happy. I always said and though that you will never be successful if you hate what you do because there's always going to be a person that is happy and worked harder than you because that was her dream, so be that person, chase your dream and be HAPPY!




  1. I love this post :)
    I went through a really hard patch at college too.
    So glad to be free of it now


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