How to wear: Jelly Sandals

Hi guys!

So during summer there has been a big trend: Jelly sandals, and I have to admit I'm kind of addicted to them, but sometimes I'm walking on the street and I see people wearing them so badly or in really weird colors and I just thing to my self "how can they wear it like that?" and "they are ruining the 90's vibe!", but I also seen loads of people wearing it and making me go head over heals for their outfit.

These are just some ideas on how you can wear these jelly sandals, my personal favorites and the clear ones with the black heal (the ones on the second outfit).

Untitled #127

Untitled #126

Untitled #123

Untitled #125

Untitled #122

Cherry Pop

Cherry Pop by aniloracfilipe featuring chinese laundry shoes

Which ones are your favorites??

P.s- I'm thinking about making more of these posts and creating a page in my blog just for Polyvore posts. What do you think?

Love you all,



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