Sunday trip - updated

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I went for an entire day family trip. We went to a zoo park on the south part of Portugal, the park has loads of safari animals and we spent our entire day over there learning a little bit more about them and interacting with them. By the end of the visit we watched a presentation on birds and they were flying so, so close to us, the rush and feeling was awesome, my favorite was the eagle-owl it was huge and it flown literally above my head.

These are just a few pics, they are the ones that I personally think are the best. After your visit to the Safari park we went to the beach were me and my brother did some gymnastics and took awesome pics!
St. André Beach in Alentejo

I'm wearing a top that I bought last year on Primark; the denim shorts are from H&M and they are from 2 years ago; for shoes I wore the aqua flat cut out circle pumps crocs; my backpack is also from Primark; and the camera that I used is the Canon EOS 600D. 

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#OOTD by aniloracfilipe featuring a crocodile backpack

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It was a super day with my family and we got to learn so much and see awesome animals! You can also track down my pics on instagram!




  1. Oh foste ao Badoca? Adorei quando lá fui (execepto o pó pff)
    As fotos estão lindas! E adorei a última em que estás a fazer o pino, se ao menos eu não fosse um desastre ambulante talvez conseguisse fazer o pino, contra a parede claro XD Sem apoio transcende-me AH

    Boas férias***

    1. Eu compreendo, o pó é dispensável ! Obrigada, e eu lutei muito para conseguir ter uma foto a fazer o pino xD (existem pelo menos 50 fotos só de tentativas)



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