Fashion essentials | Back to school Part 1

Hi everyone, this month as been crazy! And in just a few weeks I'll be moving and I just can't tell you how nervous and anxious I am about it. So I decided to start a small series of posts on back to school.

So because I'm moving for a country to another I have to reduce my closet to two suitcases so key pieces are essential and I thought I could share some tips with you, even if you are not going to college this maybe a good tip to shop for school because it's all about the basics.

For shoes I advice anything without heals, So chose some boots black and brown goes with everything, and sneakers since they are comfortable, trendy and super awesome. Besides this essentials you can chose some statement shoes to pair with basic outfits.

For tops go again for basics black, white and grey these are always good for those mornings when you don't know what to wear.

You can't go wrong with denim, some black jeans and some boyfriend jeans for a more layback kind of day, I also added a skirt and some shorts that you can wear and bring a little something to your outfit.

For outwear you just need 3 pieces a big coat, a denim one and some leather jacket to spice things up. So basically keep it basic and simple you want to be able to mix everything together if you chose pieces in black and white you can't go wrong because everything will go with it and those are the pieces you should invest in, a monochromatic wardrobe is always good for school because in that way you will always have something to wear.

Have fun with your clothe!




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