What bag should I chose? | Back to school Part 3

Hello everyone! :D

So this is the third post of this series and I thought well everyone must be choosing their bag for school and I thought I would give you some tips !

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Untitled #203 by aniloracfilipe featuring a canvas bag

I chose these three only as exemples I'm a backpack girl and I have more backpacks than I should for me it's the easiest way to carry everything. But If you are buying a new backpack in which you are making an investment you should choose really good brands like Eastpak or MonteCampo those backpacks last a lifetime; I bought an Eastpak for myself 6 years ago  and it still looks new, and my father gave me a MonteCampo that he has for over 20 years and it is as good as new! Yes they are a little bit to expansive but they are worth it! 

If you are buying an handbag I would go for a black one for sure but again choose colors that go with everything like black, brown or bege. Those are the easiest ones to style. 




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