August month favorites

Hello everyone the month is over, and this month I decided to make one of these posts showing you all of my favorite things during this month.

I'm going to start of with media related and the first thing on the list is definitely Troye Sivan's single "Happy little Pill" because 1) it is my happy little pill, and every time I felt a bit anxious or down or nervous I put my headphones on hear the song over and over again the loudest I could until my skies had color again, 2) it's awesome, I really thing this guy is gonna have a great, great future. If for any reason you haven't heard the song yet or seen the video clip, here it is, quick note it's really awesome try not to die over it [ ;) ].

The second thing is a movie and it's called Eulogy the movie is 10 years old, so yes I know I'm a bit late, but still it is really awesome. The plot is about a girl that has to write an eulogy about her beloved grandfather while she discovers how much her family hated her grandfather and how crazy her family is. 

The third one is also a movie this one is also an old one is "Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles" this one is perfect, its a story of a vampire that has human feelings and you should really watch it! 

Then I have Guardians of the Galaxy because 1 is awesome, 2 is super awesome! It has everything it's funny, it has action and awesome characters. 

One other thing I've been completely loving this month is Tapped out, its a city game of the very famous tv-show The Simpsons, my addiction is my brothers fault but I really like it [ xD ]. 

For beauty products I have just one lip balm and this is a life saver, for real. First of all its super cute and looks like a lipstick, which in my opinion is super cool! Doesn't have any color but its super creamy and hydrant, it healed my lips over night! You can find this product on the Oriflame website. 

I have one fashion item its a bikini top that I bought in Primark and even though it is strapless it doesn't fall of and it is super cute, the thing I love the most about it is that it looks like a bralet so I also use it as one. It was 4€ if I'm not mistaken. 

ps- i'm sorry the quality is not the best.



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