Hi guys!

If you follow me on Twitter or on Polyvore you probably already know that the other day I watched the epic, so talked about movie "Clueless". The movie is about a teenage super popular girl called Cher, and her friends, social life and everything else. It takes place in 90's Beverly Hills, and I must say I fell in love with their outfits. You probably already seen the film or gifs on tumblr but if you haven't please see it, you won't regret because it's so funny and it has all the "clich├ęs" to make you laugh.

These are some of the outfits I made taking the inspiration from the movie.

Untitled #231

Untitled #232

Untitled #226

So 90's

Even though I didn't include every single outfit I made here, I made some collections with some pieces to inspire you:

"ugh, As if!"




  1. You will probably laugh but I was in my late teens when this movie came's still in my DVD collection. :) Just to let you know I'm having a little product giveaway over on my blog (some Moo Goo moisturiser...Australian brand), if you are interested.

    1. I won't I love the movie it's awesome!
      Thanks for the note


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