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Tv-shows are coming back with brand new seasons and since I'm such a "tv-girl" (the nickname I gave myself for watching way to many shows) I thought I could share with you which shows I'll be watching, and which ones are my favorite.

1. Pretty Little Liars

This is a suspense and mystery teenage show. It's about four girls that help her "bestie" while they are blackmailed over their secrets. It's real great and the characters are super explored and have big personalities (and a super awesome wardrobe).

This is a spin-off of the successful tv-show The Vampire Diaries, but its way darker and the characters embrace their nature in a darker way. My favorite character is Klaus, he is a deep character. In this show you will find out more about the past of the original vampires. 

It's the story of a country family on the XX century. The show has drama and loads of history facts that spice the show. A quick note the show is a bit stop is not exactly the easiest show to watch but you'll love it. 

This is the story of a group of teenage vampires that try to overcome the teenage life along with the vampire. It's not as dark but is not just vampires, you'll find about several super natural creatures. The main plot can be a little awkward since it's about a love triangle between two brothers and one girl, they both claim she is "the one", which can became a big hard on Elena.

This is a Sci-fi show, its very light, funny and easy to watch. Don't try to understand a single plot and don't expect a continuous plot line either. The story is about an alien that travels in time and space with his female companion. The doctor can also regenerate and thats why there are so many actors playing this part.  
You already know  about this one (ahah).

This is probably one of the craziest and most complex tv-show I see. It's fictional but with several reality factors like "how far would you go to win the power", the show is crazy good and I advice it to everyone.

It's about two girls that were switched at birth. She show puts them in critical places where they discover who they really are after finding out their entire life has been a lie.

Just to light things up this is a super funny show about a guy that gets a girl pregnant and ends up being a single dad in N.Y. 

10. Dance Moms
Who doesn't like a little bit of "reality" drama, with dance in the mix, for me it's the perfect reality tv-show. 

So which ones are your favorite tv-shows ?




  1. Dr. Who is such classic fav, GoT being the newest fav, and Downton being my go-to show any day. Great list! xx



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