Vogue Fashion Night Out'14 - Lisbon

Hi guys!

Yesterday I went to Vogue's Fashion Night Out and I'm so so sorry but I wanna to take more pictures but I couldn't and every single one I took ended up all blurred up. So the pictures (in exception the video) are not mine. Here's an inspired outfit that I did on Polyvore, the items are similar to what I wore.

Vogue #FNO outfit

I arrived around 9 p.m and there where so much more people than last year! It was crazy crowded! We walked and entered every single store ( kind of crazy? yeh I know don't judge). As soon as we arrived we saw the most amazing street shops where they were selling vintage and second hand pieces that were "in Vogue", and they were literally the cutest and most amazing things ever, I regret not stoping there for longer and buy something; but in my defense the lines were huge and I hate getting stuck anywhere, really.

We kept getting down from Bairro Alto until Chiado, that is where all "my" stores are at. There I entered my favorite stores and I must say theres a color missing in my closet: Mustard! This is because I remember last year entering the inferior floor and saw almost everything in red, flannel and squares; This is year is mustard, grey and cozy clothe.

Chiado and Rossio were so crowded, great music, and great clothe as well! And OMG I've got to tell you how excited I am about next season shoes, I've never been this excited about shoes, but for what I saw shoes are the it piece in the next season closet, I am so going to spend so much more money than I should on shoes.

Photo by: joao78lx
By the end of the night, and after a super long bathroom visit, we went and grabbed some Starbucks and just as we were walking out we saw a DJ passing Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" and we chilled there, drinking our fancy Starbucks drink and listening to the twerkest song ever and as we look strait ahead we see a 14 year old boy twerking like a queen! And that's when the DJ asks him to step on the stage and this happened:

Check the video here

After this amazing show was over security, very gently and educated as always (jk), started to tell every one to "leave" (it was more like a fuck of, it's over) and we walked a little more until we arrived at the train station and went home!

I just got to say that I love Fashion Night Out, I mean even though every one is starting to go because of the free drinks, it is fun and there's always those awesome and unmissable street shows, and it's such a great opportunity to check the new collections and see what's in stores while you drink a fancy drink, like champagne.

I just can't wait for next year!




  1. great look :)


  2. Cool look !


  3. I really like your style of writing, you have a great blog!
    Maybe you could check out my blog, it would really mean a lot xx

    1. oohh Thank you so much!
      Sure, no problem! -> awesome blog. maybe we could follow each other on GFC and bloglovin?

  4. Looks like you had a lot of fun at Fashion Night Out! I wish they had something like that over here where I live!

    1. Yes I had c: Well Vogue is making it a more global thing year after year maybe next year you'll have a FNO there ^.^

  5. I love a cute outfit that includes sneakers! Great look :)



    1. Thanks, I'll have a post just about sneakers trend soon!!

  6. Haha a 14 year old twerking like a queen sounds hilarious! :D



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