Ice-cream night

Hi guys!

So as you know I'm living in Southampton, been here for a month and a bit, and this is the magical time when you start to make friends and go out with the people that you start to get along with. Uni life can be lonely sometimes so it is a smart thing to hang out with the ones you started to get along with. And that's what I did yesterday, after a day of classes, work, stress and loads of problems, me and my friends took a break and went for ice cream at Sprinkles.

I had never been there, the entire place as that 50's vibe to it, with the music playing, red couches, and shining tables. The menu as water-colour paintings and you just want to try everything in there. For the prices I would say it's quite the same as Starbucks, but the ice-creams, crepes or waffles are so big it makes up for the price.

We all had crepes, mine was caramel, banana and ice-cream, they had the strawberry one. For me it was perfect, not to sweet and the ice-cream with caramel was just yummy, on the other hand they said their's was way to sweet for their taste, which is quite normal since it had strawberry sauce on top which is really sweet.




  1. I love Sprinkles, but I always stick to the same things! They look so good, I definitely should brand out.

    1. Its good to try new things, we made a promise between the three of us that we would try every crepe on the menu until the end of the year, ahah

    2. Thats such a good idea, haha.



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