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Hello everyone,

The year is almost over, or over depending on where you are and when you are reading this, the point is there is nothing else you can do to change 2014 and I hope you had a year that you don't regret at all because there is no point in regretting something. I'm a full supporter of the quote "Everything happens for a reason" and when people ask me " do you wish to change anything in your past" my answer is no. Why? Because you learn from mistakes, and from other people, even if they weren't that nice to you.

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When December arrives I always get that felling that I haven't done anything at all with my life. I guess that's our natures fault for letting us forget things and events. So I went back on all my social medias, thank god for that and wrote down every big thing that happen to me this year and it turns out it was a very eventful year; and I think everyone should do that because everyone has that feeling "I've done nothing with my life" but one year is a long time filled with big things, that you probably just forgot to remember.

So 2014 started okay I guess, I started to send my applications to the UK universities, which was kind of a big step because at this point everything just seemed like a dream and that was one of the first small steps. After that we had a big down sense my brother broke both of his arms and everyone got a bit down for him, all of his dreams seemed to have crash and we didn't knew how far the rest of us could go. That was when I started to feel like I had to prove myself in school, specially because I had one big project to hand in, that I wanted to do the best I could, and I did.

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A big thing that happen in 2014 for me was going back to dance, dance as always been a big part of my life and going back and dancing again made it a great year. This year I got to cross loads of things from my bucket list and from my wishes, you know the ones you do on the new years. Like getting fit, trying new things, like cheerleading, which I never though I would do, searching and discovering new places, taking more fashion risks, doing something for charity, and starting a blog.

But I do believe that the biggest thing that happen to me this year was moving to the UK, starting university, living alone, and figuring out how life really is.

Overall I had a pretty amazing year. How about you?




  1. glad you had a great year! hope 2015 is as good too!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com


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