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Hello !

So yesterday I decided to bright up my hands with a nice manicure, but I'm tired of plain nails with dark colours so as I was looking in Vogue I found this awesome nails, and nail trend called "Graphic nails", and gave myself a cute and simple idea to mix things up a bit.

If you want to make these cute nails you will need:

1. Cotton 
2. Scissors
3. Nail polish - base colour - mine is from "The One" collection from Oriflame in Cherry Chic 
4. Nail polish remover - just in case - mine is from Kiko without acetone 
5. Contrasting nail polish - mine is metallic colour from Avon in 
6. Base and top clear nail polish - mine is from Kiko
7. Clear tape

Start by cleaning your nails and passing with the clear nail polish, this will help the nail polish last longer and help your nails from breaking. Once the first coat is dry you can pass with the first colour coat. I've decided to go with a darker colour, this dark magenta is one of my favourites, classy and casual. Passed 2 coats of the base colour so that it would look as dark as possible. 

While waiting for it to completely dry you can start to cut small pieces of tape. Once the base colour has dried you put the the tape on your nail vertically so you can have the stripe design, you can get creative and make different geometric designs if you want to. Now with the contrasting colour, I used a metallic colour, you pass on your nail, and let it dry for a bit but while it is still drying you remove, carefully the tape. 

And you're almost done! After you've done these steps on every single nail you pass the last clear coat and it's DONE!

Now enjoy your super cute and fashionable nails! Let me know how did your try went. 




  1. This is so cute! I might have to try it this weekend :) x

    Angela // The Sunday Chapter

  2. this is an easy and creative way to add some spice to your nails! thanks for sharing :)


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