It's December!!!

Hi there! How have you been ?

Uni life can be a little bit to fuzzy and stressful and thats why I haven't had the time to sit and write, but I wanted to let you know that I'm still blogging and I've got loads of stuff planned for this month and the next.

As you can imagine I'm almost at the end of the semestre which means deadlines after deadlines, but in 2 weeks (or less) I'll be flying to Portugal and staying there for 3 weeks - my Christmas break- and i'm so so exicted to see everyone again, and play with my dog and go to beach, cuz even though it's not the weather yet I can wait to feel the sand again, and look at ocean, since there are no beaches in Southampton, and weirdly I've been feeling that rush to go and walk on the beach.

I've got so many plans and things that I want to do for you guys, that I will be doing during my break, such as make-up tutorials, hair tutorials, fashion hauls. And oh by the way I'm going to sell some old clothe if you are interested check my depop! I'm also thinking about doing a room tour soon, but I still want to get some stuff for it since it looks kinda of plain now.

Once again I'm sorry I haven't been blogging but uni!




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