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So for about 2 years I've been having super long hair, sure it takes time and loads of care, and products... But I just loved it. This fall I got a little tired of the routine and I thought about shorting it up a bit. And that's when my mum asked me why I would cut it a bit more and give it to charity, that's exactly what I did.

The one thing I always do before I get an hair cut is to find someone famous that has the same type of hair and check the hair cut that I like to see them with. So right now my hair is a bit bellow the shoulder with a straight cut. This time I didn't do any hight-lights, I just don't know for how long I'm going to keep it this short. But so far so good.

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If you would like some hair routines and advice on hair, long or short, I would be very happy to do it.




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