Relaxing evening

Hello everyone!

I'm in Portugal! I arrived here on the 13 of December, on my brothers birthday. First time flying alone, quite a never breaking but I made it! The past few days have been so packed up with meeting old friends, christmas shopping, christmas shows, and loads of little things that have been packing my days.

So yesterday had an entire shopping afternoon with my grandmother; where I saw loads of cute, but out of my affordable price, clothe and shoes and I soooo can't wait for sales! Even though I couldn't buy everything and anything, I bought a cute mate red lipstick, a gold necklace and a rose gold eyelash curler all from H&M.

Lipstick - 3.99€
Necklace - 9.99€
Eyelash Curler - 4.99€

And arrived so tired and I just wanted to have a bit of time for myself, and that's when I remembered that I got 2 fizz balls on my advent calendar, so I heated some water and putted those pink fizz balls in the water and let the water turn pink, lighted a purple candle, got my book, "The fault in our stars" I can't believe I haven't read it yet, and took a long relaxing bath. My skin got so soft and relaxed it was exactly what I needed.

Fizz balls - Advent calendar from Boohoo 
Candle - Yves Rocher, fruits noirs blackberries
Book - "Fault in our stars"




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