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Hello, everyone!

As a uni student, especially an international student, the bills just don't stop piling up. Between food, bills and night outs it is quite hard to keep the closet I dream about. And if you are a student I believe you go through the same thing, so here are some tips and outfits to save up and still look fabulous!

1. Go for basics!

Whilst shopping invest in some good basics. There's nothing like a good pair of high-waisted jeans, a nice black dress or even the best pair of shoes.


2. Invest on the best!

Obviously, you can rock some basics on basics. However, you can still have a few statement pieces in your closet to spice up your outfits. Or even just to use on that special event.


3. Know where to shop!

So it is very important to know where to go, use and abuse of your student discount. Know where are the sales and promotions. Stores such as H&M, River Island, Topshop and New Look do amazing deals for students. Also, sign up for Unidays! You'll get exclusive deals on all of your favorite stores.

4. Mix & Match

My last tip is to have fun! Challenge yourself to not repeat outfits. Mix your favorites with your most precious pieces.

I have put together a few outfits with your must-have basics. You can always check for more outfit inspiration at my Polyvore account! Hope it helps!

Lazy date with friends

Susy / Audrey Hepburn 2

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