Lazy Sunday

Hello everyone!

Sundays, those amazing days that you feel so free and you don't have a care in the world. They always seem to shine for you in the morning, for a warm good morning, and rain for a cozy afternoon. But sometimes your watch list falls short, and those days become boring... Well here are 5 movies for you to watch on a Lazy Sunday

We can't start a Sunday movie list without a musical. One of my favorites is Burlesque this sexy drama based musical will definitely keep you singing your lungs out. Good alternatives are Phantom of the Opera (must have watched at least 20 times), Grease (a classic) or Chicago (for who loves a bit of mystery and crime).

Great Gatsby / Breakfast at Tiffany's 
I love a good classic, and yes I realize these are two titles, but why not watch both? These movies will drag into amazing stories, trust me you'll love them!


There's nothing like a good comedy on a lazy day! One of my favorites is definitely Spy, the story of a desk-bound CIA analyst that end ups on the field!

Big Fish
One of my favorite movies of all time is Big Fish, this Tim Burton movie goes into imaginary stories of our lives, leaving us with amazing characters and life lessons. It's a must on every list!

And I feel like this list wouldn't be complete without Home! It's an amazing animation movie about cute aliens. You will definitely get a good laugh out of this family movie.

Now, if you excuse me I'm going to rewatch a few of these movies. Enjoy your lazy day! 



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