Under construction

Hello everyone,

During the past few months I have been trying my best to put my best foot forward on my blog, however, I am aware that the current content is not the best. Because of this, my blog will be 'under construction' for the next few weeks, this will allow me to have more time to create brand new and improved content for you!

As I want to get into fashion journalism you can expect more professional content about fashion, including news, insides, trends, and what really matters in fashion. As well as, travel videos and stories, original photography and imagery.

Even though I will be working on the side, my blog will be online for you to go through all my previous posts on styling, fashion, and trends. I will also be posting outfit inspiration on my Polyvore, inspiration pictures on my Tumblr and Pinterest and weekly (maybe even daily) pictures of my adventures on my Instagram

Photo by Vogue




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